Procurement Services

Whether you are setting up your procurement team, seeking greater value from your existing team, embarking on strategic procurements, or require specific procurement advice; Intelligent Buying can assist you. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, but typically include aspects of the following:

Large Complex Procurements

Leading large and/or complex procurements, usually against challenging timelines and within regulated environments. Scoping the procurement, sizing the resource needed, providing/recruiting the resource (usually with the Client), leading the market engagement, shaping the requirement, developing the tender documentation including the Terms and Conditions, undertaking the negotiations (where appropriate), successfully managing the procurement to contract award, and ensuring the savings and benefits are realised.

Trouble Shooting/Turnaround

Assessing distressed strategic procurements/contracts and developing turnaround plans and/or exit strategies. Leading the market engagement/supplier negotiations, and ensuring progress against the remedial plan is realised.


Advising on the essential sourcing tools needed. Is the spend data fit for purpose? Is Category Management being applied? Do the Category Strategies align with the Procurement Strategy? Is there an appropriate suite of Terms and Conditions?

Supply Chain / GDPR

Mapping business critical suppliers, and their business critical suppliers. Your ‘n’ tier supplier could be your business critical supplier’s first tier supplier.  Also advising on GDPR in relation to your supply chain. 


Assessing whether the systems adequately support the procurement strategy, policy and team. Advising what short, medium and longer term changes are needed.

Strategic Contract Reviews

Undertaking strategic contract reviews from a commercial perspective – pre or post signature – and advising on potential liabilities, opportunities and negotiation levers.

Procurement Strategy

Developing organisations’ procurement strategy – or assessing how well the existing procurement strategy aligns with the business strategy, and advising changes needed.


Assessing how Procurement is actually perceived – both internally and externally. Are they considered an enabler or more of a blocker? Developing plans to build on strengths and address weaknesses.

Procurement Policy

Developing appropriate procurement policy that is aligned to the procurement strategy, and help ensure it is embedded within the organisation and adhered to.


Reviewing whether the Procurement/Contract Management Team is the appropriate size and correctly structured. Is there sufficient liaison and co-operation between Procurement and Contract Management, and vice versa?


Assessing whether the Procurement/Contract Management Team and individuals have the necessary skills – and advising what changes and development are needed.


Assessing whether the processes adequately support the procurement strategy, policy and team, and are there areas where they can be streamlined?

Payment Schedules

Ensuring segregation of duties, and reviewing whether payment schedules have sufficient clarity, provide adequate protection, yet are also efficient?

Strategic Contract Management

Assessing is there adequate resource with the necessary skills in place. If not, developing the Business Case for effective Contract Management, and providing strategic contract management support in the interim.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Developing SRM programmes, or assessing existing programmes and advising on how they could be further improved.

Bid Support

Providing support to companies bidding for contracts – especially in relation to public sector contracts.

Category Expertise

Aligned to the above, our consultants are experts in the following:
Telecoms (fixed line, mobile, satellite)
Software (Oracle and Microsoft)
Contactless payment systems (ITSO and EMV)
Professional Services (Consultancy and Legal Services)
Human Capital

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