Founded by our Managing Director, Carson Reid, Intelligent Buying specialises in providing independent strategic procurement advice and support to the private, public, and utilities sectors throughout the UK. Our consultants are leading procurement experts – having previously worked in procurement across a range of industries – and, typically, have at least 15 years’ senior level procurement experience.

Fundamental to Intelligent Buying’s ethos is that we work with our clients as trusted advisers. We complement and empower your procurement teams to deliver your organisations goals whilst:

  • Realising savings and driving value for money for your organisation.
  • Reducing commercial risk to your organisation, and
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance (where appropriate).

To do this, we are committed to:

  • Delivering high quality advice and projects with openness and integrity.

  • Working with you and your teams. Appointing consultants can be seen as a threat and can be disruptive if not undertaken properly.
    We recognise this and engage appropriately. However, we do not ‘hold back’ in communicating the essential messages to senior management.

  • Ensuring the work is carried out by the experienced consultants you meet (and not substituted with less experienced recent graduates!).

  • Building your staff’s expertise and capabilities, supporting them to adopt good procurement practices and implement new approaches.

  • Keeping you appropriately informed throughout the assignment – telling it exactly as it is, but fundamentally also advising the next steps needed to maintain progress.

In Summary

Whilst we can never ‘own’ your commercial challenges; working with you we will take on responsibility for addressing them, resolving the issues, and delivering the benefits and savings back to you.

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Organisations that our consultants have previously or are currently supporting include: